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Beginner Series

Whether you're a beginner, new to yoga, rehabilitating from an injury, returning to practice after time away or just want to strengthen the core of your practice, or if you just want a deeper understanding of asana this Series will benefit you.

 Each class will begin with a brief breathing practice, basic yoga warm up stretches, and then detailed instruction for classic yoga postures. These postures will be linked together for short basic vinyasas that create vitality and a sense of well being. Deeper stretches and relaxation postures will complete each class session.  The Series will be limited to 12 students to assure that each participant gets adequate attention.

Now is the time to get started.

Why practice Yoga?

  • To take responsibility for your health
    To reduce stress
  • To develop strength  
  • To improve balance
  • To increase concentration and focus
  • To increase flexibility

Yoga can be added to existing exercise routines to increase strength, flexibility and stamina. No prior Yoga experience is necessary, just a desire to be healthier!

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Other classes that are appropriate for beginners are:


You are welcome to join either of the ongoing yoga beginner classes at 4:30 on Monday or 6:00 on Thursday. These classes are appropriate for everyone. Although not a formal series, it will get you started on your yoga practice.


The ongoing Chair Yoga class is appropriate for all students but is especially good for beginner level students. It is a gentle form of yoga that is practiced sitting in a chair, or standing using a chair for support. It is not recognized formally as a type of yoga distinct from other types. However the poses, or Asanas, are often adaptations of Hatha yoga poses.

Chair Yoga is scheduled on Monday at 3:00.


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We welcome your inquires at The Yoga Space. Call or email us today to ask about our schedule, find out more about a particular style of yoga, or check on availability for an upcoming yoga class.

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