About The Yoga Space

Nobody enters the world as an advanced yogi -- we all need to learn the basics of the yoga lifestyle somewhere. At The Yoga Space, there is absolutely no judgment, as each and every certified instructor understands that students must follow their own paths to yoga mastery. This spirit of calming and acceptance makes our local yoga studio an ideal setting for nervous beginners. We will guide you through the postures, breathing techniques, and meditations that are a part of each yoga class. You can do as much or as little during one of our classes are you feel comfortable doing.

In the same vein, The Yoga Space serves as an excellent location for those who have already experienced all the great benefits of yoga and hope to take their abilities to the next level. Each certified instructor makes a point of tailoring classes to participants, ensuring that everyone is challenged enough to keep things interesting, but not so much as to cause discouragement. If you are an experienced yogi, we are happy to take you on as a new client and help you on your journey to master yoga at the next level.


About the Owners

Sara and Tracy are cousins, friends, confidants, and now co-owners of the Yoga Space! They have empowered and supported each other through so many phases of life and are thrilled about this next chapter! They purchased The Yoga Space from Corine Baerwald in August of 2020. While many were being negatively impacted by COVID 19, it brought this amazing opportunity to light for Sara and Tracy and allowed them to continue to bring something positive to the community in a year when there was a lot of negativity and uncertainty. They like to say, "they made lemonade out of 2020."

About Sara

Sara initially learned yoga as a child from a book her parents kept in their home. She found The Yoga Space in 2008 after moving home to Texas. With the encouragement of Gwynn and Corine, she received her teaching certification from The Living Yoga Program in 2010 and immediately began teaching classes at The Yoga Space. Over the years, Sara's classes have ranged from Beginners to Power Flow/Vinyasa to gentler restorative classes. Growing up, she used her parents' book (which she still has) to help remedy conditions such as teenage acne, extreme anxiety, strenuous training regimens and even pregnancy. Her focus has always been on the healing properties of yoga. Her own practice and her classes have evolved into what she calls a Slow Flow style, focusing on core stability, balance and breath awareness. Sara loves the challenge of tailoring yoga to every body with consideration to injuries, ability and experience. As a Geometry teacher, she is intrigued by the alignment and angles the asanas create. As a perpetual spiritual seeker, she loves applying chakra properties and energy flow to the framework of the poses. Sara is excited and honored to be carrying on the tradition of a place of health and well-being in our community. She hopes you'll join her and Tracy on the new adventure!

About Tracy

Tracy found yoga about 10 years ago when she was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition. She was a marathon runner and certified running coach and the doctors told her she "could no longer live life on the edge and would need to stop running marathons." She didn't. However, she did begin a yoga practice for the very first time in her life! She found yoga to be a way to deal with these major changes to her quality of life and an invaluable complement to her marathon running. Yoga has since transformed her life on so many levels. She is passionate about travel and an active and healthy lifestyle, so she takes her practice with her wherever her adventures take her. She comes to the Yoga Space with 20 years of business operations, management, and leadership background, so we are very excited about the complementary dynamic we will both bring!