Mindfulness Monday

According to Yoga Journal, after decades of research science has actually discovered in the past decade that meditating literally restructures your brain. It can train your brain to concentrate, feel greater compassion, cope with stress, and more.

According to research, if you practice focusing attention on your breath or a mantra, the brain will restructure itself to make concentration easier.
If you practice calm acceptance during meditation, you will develop a brain that is more resilient to stress.

Here are a couple of our favorite resources for meditating. Give them a try and let us know how it goes in the comments!

Daily Calm offers free, 10-minute meditations that are a great, non-intimidating place to start.

Ten Percent Happier is great for beginners and shares tips for getting started.

Insight Timer provides meditations for all levels of meditation with a variety of uses: sleep, calm, parenting.

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