New Year’s Resolution Virtual Yoga Package

6 week kick-starter package

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With the holidays behind us, New Year’s Resolutions and goals ahead of us, and those crazy, unpredictable Texas winter temperatures, sometimes it’s nice to have an alternative to getting out in the elements while still maintaining your yoga and/or self-care practice.


That is why we are offering a New Year’s Resolution Solution!


We are offering a promotional discount for our Virtual Classes! What is normally a $50 monthly subscription we are going to offer for $35 AND throw in two extra weeks for free! That’s 6 weeks to kickstart your New Year’s goals and resolutions and set you up for maintaining consistency and success in those goals! Research shows that by weeks 3, 4, and 5 people have usually fallen off of their New Year’s resolutions, so we want to help you prevent that! We want to provide the accountability and structure to support you in getting through those weeks and over that hump so that sticking to a routine is more feasible to carry out throughout 2022!


During this 6 weeks course, you will have unlimited access to our Virtual Classes where you can choose from a variety of yoga flows to do as often as you like, whenever you like, as it suits your schedule! You will have 7 different flows to choose from so you can choose to follow a different one each day, select a different one to focus on for each week of the program, or mix it up all together! You will also have access to our private yoga class Facebook group where you can connect with other yogis, other users of the virtual classes, catch some impromptu live stream virtual classes, and ask questions along the way. This is a great resource and tool to gain the support and accountability to keep you on track to your goals, but also to build community and gain support from the instructors and owners of The Yoga Space.

You will also receive handy tips, yoga benefits, the proper form for poses, motivation, healthy recipes and other resources emailed directly to your inbox weekly that will help support your goals for a healthy lifestyle in the new year.

We are here for you and we want to support you in your New Year’s Goals & Resolutions in 2022! Join the New Year’s Resolution Solution! 

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