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Sun Salutations, Warrior I and II, Triangle Pose

Length 1:03:00

Warm up with gentle stretches and poses and graduate into sun salutations incorporating Warrior I, Warrior II and Triangle poses.

Register ($10 for 7 days)

Slow Burn Flow

Length: 58:08

Move slowly through sun salutations, incorporating Warrior I, Warrior II and Triangle Pose, and working up to Dancer Pose while focusing on foundation and core activation.

Register ($10 for 7 days)

Breath and Movement

Length 59:42

Focus on marrying your breath to your movement. Calm and centering, yet strong and energizing.

Register ($10 for 7 days)

Wind Down Yoga

Length 35:04

An easy-moving class, including Warrior I flow sequence, to help you wind down from a long day.

Register ($10 for 7 days)

Balance - New Moon Intention Practice

Length 57:12

Cross-body movements to activate core strength and encourage balance using Warrior I, Warrior II, Eagle, Tree and Boat poses.

Register ($10 for 7 days)

Half Moon Class

Length: 1:07:00

Vinyasa through stretches and side-opening prep poses to get you ready for Half Moon Pose!

Register ($10 for 7 days)

More Balance

Length 1:07:00

Kneeling and standing balance poses, including Goddess, Tree and Warrior III.

Register ($10 for 7 days)

Kid’s Yoga

Length: 25:50

Sara and Charlie take you on a playful adventure using visualization, song and fun to sneak in some balance, focus and deep breathing!

Register ($10 for 7 days)